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Saying camila isn't the best singer is like saying you hate pizza. Re-think your life choices.




you know that i actually don’t like pizza lmfaoo


Sep 20th 22

i know i say this so much but normanis voice is SO underrated like when people talk about her they usually talk about her abs or whatever and it’s like yes those are nice obviously but um have you HEARD her part in the honeymoon avenue cover??? have you listened to the chorus of over??? have you heard her lower harmonies ??? have you ever heard her sing ever??

Sep 20th 47
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Did you see that video of Normani singing happy birthday to Tyce? She is so under rated.

noo i dont think i have you gotta link me!! 

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Normani owns this puthy

bitch me too!! the fuck?

if ur having a bad day — i present you with this!! a long ass post with a bunch of videos and stuff of fifth harmony to cheer you up (hopefully). this was inspired by this btw.


all the girls

Fifth Harmony: Best & Funniest Moments
Best Of: Fifth Harmony
Fifth Harmony Funny Moments
Fifth Harmony Best Moments
Fifth Harmony play Truth or Dare
another truth or dare
Fifth Harmony Does a Dramatic Reading of Spice World
The Box w Fifth Harmony
Fifth Harmony play Chubby Bunny
Lauren The Grammar Queen
Fifth Harmony’s WATER FIGHT
Bus Tour
Who’s The Flirtiest Fifth Harmony Member
Reacting to Miss Movin’ On
Fifth Harmony’s Audition
BOSS Reaction to VMA Preshow Performance
The Camwhich
Fifth Harmony tries fair food
Fifth Harmony Does Funny Line Readings
UStream 3/16/13
Twitcam 10/27/13
Twitcam 2/13/13
Another Twitcam

for the ally girls!!

Ally Brooke - All Right There
Ally Brooke - Cake
With You (an original song) LOOK AT LIL BABY ALLY
"Yes I Made It Interview"
All her instagram videos
Ally Brooke Top Vines
See The Real Me
Rolling in the Deep 
Meet Ally
Meet Ally’s Family
Ally’s Livestream

camila girls here u go

Best of Camila Cabello
XF Best Of
Well I met Camila
Fetus Camila at School
A bunch of her vines
Camila’s UStream
Best Dancing
Camila’s reaction to her Birthday Video
Meet Camila’s Family
Singing Respect
Singing Skyscraper :’)

where my dinah girls at!!

best of dinah jane
Vine Complation
Best Of
Tongan Girl Singing
I’d rather go blind acapella
meeting dinah
Best 2014 Vocals
day in the life with dinah
dinah jane recieving gift
dinah gets lost backstage

lauren girls ayy!!

lauren jauregui best moments
Lauren Jauregui BEST moves
Lauren Jauregui - Classic (idk i thought it was cute lol)
Vine Complation
Lauren and Alexa
Lauren Jauregui the unicorn
Preshow Routine
Lauren Jauregui - Ride (ik lauren girls)
Lauren’s Wobble

normani girls i got u

Birthday Celebration Bash
Normani’s Room Tour
A bunch of her vines
Normani Kordei 14 years old audition
All I want for Christmas is You
Best Vocals 
Best of
All the things that make: Normani
Opening her Beyonce autograph (i cry everytime i watch this tbh)
Cute videos of her w/ beyonce playing in the background :((

if ur having a bad day — i present you with this!! a long ass post with a bunch of videos and stuff of fifth harmony to cheer you up (hopefully). this was inspired by this btw.


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@dinahjane97: What you know bout that Back bend doee - Normani Kordei & camEEla cabeYo 😂😂😂😂

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camila with marielle and sandra 

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ya girl can see

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Fifth Harmony pose backstage during the Y-100 All About That Bass Party

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